2017 National Firearms Amnesty: 1 July to 30 September

A National Firearms Amnesty will operate for a period of three (3) months, commencing 1 July to 30 September, 2017.

Any person, including licence holders, will have the ability to register, or surrender, unregistered firearms to a firearms dealer or police station, without fear of prosecution.

During the firearms amnesty the costs associated with registering a firearm will be waived.   This means that persons wishing to register an unregistered firearms will not be charged any permit to acquire fee to register the unregistered firearm.

In Queensland, there are four (4) options available regarding the surrendering or registering unregistered firearms in their possession.  These options are:

  1. Registering the firearm to an existing firearms licence (subject to the categories and conditions of the licence);
  2. Surrendering the firearm at a firearms dealer for commercial sale;
  3. Surrendering a firearm at a firearms dealer or police station for safekeeping, pending the issue of a firearms licence;
  4. Surrendering a firearm at a firearms dealer or police station for destruction.

Below are links to further information relating to the firearms amnesty requirements:

Weapon’s Licensing Customer Telephone Enquiries:

  • Hours          9a-4p Monday to Friday
  • Telephone  07 3015 7777

Other links on Weapons Licensing:

There is also a National Firearms Amnesty Information line is: 1800 909 826. 

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2017 NHWQ Conference

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